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HealthTech Solutions delivers purpose driven technology solutions and consulting services for clients from all sectors across the country.

HealthTech Solutions has served clients in over 20 states including Fortune 500 companies, and Top 25 Managed Care Organizations.

HTS is a true partner and is focused on your success beyond the engagement. Big firms use the first available consultants and repetitive models, which creates strategic risk for their customers because their needs are not always met.

HTS is quick and adaptable. HTS has a level organizational structure, which expedites decision making because our skill sets are easier to tap. It also makes collaboration and innovation easier because we are organized for open communication internally and with our clients.

At HTS experience counts. HTS employs Health and Human Services and IT professionals from across the country. Our team possesses an average of 25+ years of experience including 14+ years in project management and government; more than 87% of our consultants have a background in either healthcare or health information technology.

"We are committed to delivering the best record of client results in our industry".

Sandeep Kapoor, Chief Executive Officer

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