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Technical Architecture
HTS Technical Architects can help develop your organization’s IT environment based on industry leading insights and best practices for technical and application design. Our services can help you to define your IT strategy, logical structures, and physical environments to focus in on the most important components. Our Technical Architects can help you with services including:

✓ Enterprise modelling

✓ Technical infrastructure

✓ Developing business rules and requirements

✓ Ensuring system modularity and interoperability

✓ Implementing Service Oriented Architectures, Software-as-a-Service, and Cloud Computing

✓ Identifying key interfaces

IT Assessment
HTS consultants have performed a wide range of IT assessments. We have Medicaid Information Technology Architecture (MITA) experience in several states, and have also performed assessments for public health and statewide financial systems. Our assessments are based on a practical approach to identify your current environment, partner with your operational users to set a future state or goal, and then identify the implementation gaps. HTS assessments are based on industry best practices, and all engagements are led by certified project managers.

Systems DDI
HTS staff excel at translating user needs into system level technical requirements. More than 87% of HTS consultants have a technical background, and can help you to identify the components, interfaces and key data that are needed to meet user requirements. We use industry best practices and methodologies to ensure that whether we are making changes to an existing system, or designing from the ground up that all our client needs are understood and met.

Operations and Support
HTS technical experts can provide strategic direction for ongoing operations and support, whether the system already exists or is part of a new implementation. Our consultants have decades of experience in enterprise operating systems, load balancing, database administration, identity management infrastructure, security, server architecture, and disaster recovery planning. HTS is technology independent and a true partner in our clients’ success.

Technical and cloud based hosting and support is one of the fastest growing areas at HTS. HTS understands that cloud computing is fundamentally a service based activity. Our record of customer service and support is what drives the HTS mission. HTS has a technical team which can provide Software-as-a-Service, service platforms, or infrastructure to meet changing technical and storage needs. Our experts are familiar with state-wide implementations and have hosting arrangements nationwide.

Custom Software Development
HTS development experts can customize databases, management systems and applications for your unique business needs. HTS has an unmatched ability in health care systems and has implemented State Level Registries, data warehouses, and popHealth solutions which are in active use nationwide. Our team of experts can build comprehensive and scalable solutions for our clients no matter how complex or unique their needs.

Enterprise Architecture
HTS experts can help develop the strategies, standards, configurations and technical services which are required by your changing business needs. Our Business Analysts can help translate needs into actions, and our Technical Architects have the experience working with enterprise systems to ensure that infrastructure services are pared to actual need. HTS ensures that our clients’ business, operational, and strategic interests are enabled by the technologies and tools we recommend.

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