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Meet Our Team

Ryan Bussell

HealthTech Solutions has invested more into my career development and career goals in one day, than all the years I worked for very large corporations.

Sean Massey

HTS has provided me the opportunity to work with the latest technologies spanning multiple areas of the Information Technology field. Not since the early days of my career in IT have I felt this excited to come in to work each morning. Every day is a new challenge and I love it.

Sherry Hall

I am thankful to be part of  HTS, we care about what we do and about each other. It is a pleasure to work with such a great group that are making such a difference for others. The hard work and dedication is unmeasurable and the teamwork is outstanding!

Staci Fitzpatric

HTS is focused on hiring the best and brightest, and it shows. My coworkers are amazing. We have a very intelligent group of people, and each one is committed to doing excellent work for our customers. It can be humbling to work with such smart people.

Stephanie Ledford

At HTS I am valued; our contributions are immediately recognized and appreciated, which reflects in the quality that we deliver to clients. At HTS I am empowered; without the layers of management which often stifle creative problem solving and rapid decision making.

Sumana Sinha

HTS has provided me the opportunity to work / make decisions independently in the areas that I am skilled, and observe and learn from my co-workers who have other varying skills. It allows me to be self-driven and motivated and try to find ways to reach my potential.