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Meet Our Team

Nicole Kohn

HTS has provided me with the support and leadership needed for my personal and professional growth, while providing me the flexibility to achieve goals within my family. Without the HTS team I simply would not be as far along on my personal and career path as I am now.

Nitin Korgaonkar

I love working for HTS, where people are professional and caring. We have some of the brightest minds in the HealthCare industry and this helps everyone learn and grow. It is a rewarding experience to be part of this talented team.

Pam Kaur

I don’t feel a few words are enough to effectively express my love and gratitude for having been provided the opportunity to work for a company that operates as a highly efficient business yet feels like a family. It’s awe-inspiring to know I am fortunate enough to work alongside a group of intelligent and compassionate individuals.

Penni Hays

Working at HTS has provided me the opportunity to expand upon my abilities and knowledge base in the HIT industry.  Each person is encouraged to contribute and is an important part of the HTS team.

Robin Morley

I am honored to work with such smart, caring and diverse colleagues. HTS offers their staff opportunities to gain experience and further develop skills and expertise in a work environment that is upbeat, energetic and respectful.

Rosa Ficocelli

The consulting/project management experience offered by (HTS) is a new industry for me, it has provided me with a wonderful opportunity to learn in a progressive and challenging environment. I am honored and proud to be part of HTS, especially working with such talented and hard working professionals.