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Meet Our Team

Janice Kline

The depth of knowledge and range of expertise offered by the staff of HTS has impressed me. It is a pleasure to be part of such a professional and experienced team.

Jason Webster

There is no better place to be than in an organization like HTS. We are big enough to take on large projects, but the variety of assignments is much greater than you would find in a larger organization. I wish I had this opportunity thirty years ago.

Jeff Cohen

The Health Tech experience is an organization with a commitment to excellence in a family like environment.

Jeffrey Schuhmann

The largest adjustment for me has been adapting to a workplace where everyone asks you what they can do to help and the owners are involved to a point where they want you to succeed.  The employee morale at HTS is something many companies spend millions of dollars trying to obtain, it’s an everyday attitude here.

Jennifer Cathey

After experiencing years of anonymity in working for a large corporation, being a member of the HTS team is a true joy. The CEO and COO collaborate with and find value in the viewpoints of every single HTS employee. The teamwork is unprecedented and the quality of work elevates HTS far above competitors.   

Kathy Frye

The ability to work on a wide variety of projects with different clients on a daily basis makes my job the most interesting position I have had since entering the IT arena more than 30 years ago. At HTS, I am pushed every day to perform my best and I enjoy my job immensely!