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Meet Our Team

Debbie Keith

Working for HealthTech has provided me a challenging and supportive work environment. The staff are exceptional. I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to work in an atmosphere that encourages new learning opportunities.

Elizabeth Linville

 As someone beginning their career, I could not have chosen a place better suited to foster my development. I am always learning something and the purpose behind it is relevant and meaningful.

Greg Haskamp

I love the diversity of our work, every day we have the opportunity to work in areas that are not only professionally challenging, but make an actual impact for people’s lives. I also really appreciate our team environment.

Heather Gatewood

Great people attract great people! I love the variety. Every day is different and I get to interact with such a varied group. It means I am always learning.

Henry Kersting

I’ve worked for large, small, private, public, and government organizations. Working for HTS, I always feel challenged and strive for excellence.  I really enjoy the environment that HTS has built.

Janet Lile

HTS has an ideal work environment nurtured by talented, principled leaders who are also extremely personable.  It is refreshing to work with HealthTech’s clients because they are grateful for expertise that is delivered on time and within budget.