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Meet Our Team

Brenda Gokey

Working at HTS has given me the opportunity to work in the healthcare environment in new and challenging ways. Health Information Technology is ever-changing and growing and it is a great experience to be a part of a company who is on the leading edge of this exciting industry.

Carla Raisler

HTS provides me with a challenging and rewarding experience in an environment that feels more like family than work.

Carlos Moreira

I have worked for almost 7 years in Brazil and 17 years in the United State of America. And I’m sure that work at HealthTech Solutions is a different and fulfilling experience.

Chris Huckabee

This has been the most rewarding organization to be a part of; every person who is employed by HTS is of the highest caliber of intelligence, integrity, and dedication. It has been an honor to be counted among this elite group.

Christy Vowels

Having worked for various companies in the healthcare field for nearly 20 years I can honestly say that HTS is truly a unique place to work. Each day offers a chance to learn something new and work with a team that is second to none.

Debbie Boone

I feel honored to be a part of the HTS team and have learned so much during my time here. Everyone is truly appreciated for working hard and getting the job done.