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Meet Our Team

Terri Pattie

The supportive family atmosphere cultivated through many social and civic events makes HTS a special place to work!

Tia Tinney

The HTS organization values and integrity contribute to a family-like work environment with support to consistently learn and grow. Every day is a chance to learn, develop, and challenge my boundaries and expectations on both a personal and professional level.

Trish Alexander

I feel like I have had more career development in my first eight months here than I had in the last decade. I work with great people who care about their work and their co-workers Every day is different and every project is a new challenge with new opportunities to learn and grow.

Vibhas Chandrachood

I believe HTS is probably the best place I have ever worked in my 25+ year career. The work atmosphere is very professional, and still very friendly. I like that everyone works hard, as ONE team, and decisions are made in minutes.

Vinayak Basavaraj

HTS brings ‘Architecting Value’ to clients by thinking in all directions to provide the best solution with having best team around - aligns to my nature of thoughts to give the best solution for problems : ‘Do it right the first time, and do it with class’. HTS is family.

Zeda Roberson

Working at HealthTech Solutions has provided me the opportunity to further my career in the Health IT industry. There is a genuine spirit of cooperation. Everyone shares the same vision and is equally dedicated to fulfilling the task at hand.