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Strategic Planning
HTS consultants have provided strategic planning and technical assistance for federal agencies, states, Fortune 500, mid-size and start-up companies. We have assisted with major project portfolios across the country totaling more than $3 billion. HTS is a committed partner to our clients, we are invested in your ongoing success. HTS knows how to listen, and we have the perspective that good strategic planning not only charts the challenges ahead but sets the goals to ensure future success.

Business Operations
HTS can help you to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your business processes. We have conducted enterprise level assessments for a number of large clients. Our consultants have particular expertise in implementing best practices, process transformations, benchmarks, and recovery. HTS consultants have decades of experience in the areas of finance, purchasing, information technology, and operational processing.

HTS focuses on providing direct and practical recommendations for Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) services. Our consultants have decades of experience on both the client and vendor side, offering a unique and valuable perspective. Our methodologies conform to industry standards throughout the development and project life cycles. All HTS engagements are led by Project Management Institute certified professionals. Our perspective focuses on continuous improvement to ensure project progress and comprehensive quality.

Project Management
HTS consultants combine extensive project management experience with first-hand project implementation skills. Our consultants have led large-scale implementations as well as enterprise level assessments. Our team consists of seasoned consultants with technical, operational and Health IT program expertise. All HTS engagements are led by Project Management Institute certified professionals, and are conducted according to industry best practices.

Project Recovery
Our recovery specialists can help get your project back on scope, time and schedule. HTS never takes a one-size-fits-all approach to project recovery. HTS excels at core project management practices with short delivery cycles and rigorous quality checks. HTS protects our clients’ trust, and HTS will never accept an engagement unless from the outset we believe we can create value in excess of our fees. Our approach to engagements is designed for a quick turnaround, where we focus on identifying achievable results.

HTS audit services can assist states with reviewing and updating an existing Audit Strategy; further developing an audit plan in response to Centers of Medicaid and Medicare Services requirements, and conduct post payment Meaningful Use audits. HTS has been conducting states’ EHR Provider Incentive Program post payment Meaningful Use audits for several years. Our staff provide EHR auditing Technical Assistance for CMS as part of the Medicaid EHR Team (MeT), including developing the Stage 2 Audit Toolkit and auditing training manuals, conducting the Auditing Community of Practice, and researching questions and issues posed by State Medicaid Agencies. Working with CMS has given our team a nationwide perspective of the best auditing practices employed by states. Our expertise reduces start up time and minimizes risks for our clients.

Proposal & Contract Support
The depth and breadth of the HTS team sets us apart in delivering procurement solutions. HTS has a comprehensive set of skills, tools and methodologies that can assist vendors in responding to government procurements. Our experience in procuring state systems provides the right blend of policy, technical, strategic and business operation expertise required to manage a successful procurement. HTS can potential vendors with services including:

✓ Project Management

✓ Requirements Review

✓ Feasibility and Readiness Reviews

✓ Strategy Development

✓ Proposal Production and Submission

✓ Technical Review

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